1091 Victorian Capelet


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Victorian Capelet; 5 hanks of Misti Chunky is all you need to create your very own vintage capelet as a forever keepsake.  The cable panel is worked from stitches that are cast on after picking up stitches along one long edge of the collar.  The cabled panel compliments the ruffled edge, add the crochet button loop and you are ready to wrap yourself in softness.   We knit the Victorian in both Chunky and Best of Nature Chunky (Blue Corn).

NOTES from the designer:

The main body on the original Victorian Capelet was knit using a size 15 needle.  However, the piece was only lightly blocked (Spritzed, laid flat to dry).  If you plan on wet blocking the piece, it is advisable to knit a swatch of the cable and lace panel on smaller needles (10's, 11’s and/or 13’s).  Wet block your swatch and check your results to see what suits you best.

All my best,   Karen